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Diehard Miniatures prepares for its 3rd KS Campaign

Over the last year, the Figure Sculpting Company Diehard Miniatures behind smash Kickstarter campaigns  Diehard: Fantasy Miniatures, and The Eru-Kin Expansion, encompassing both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures; With small skirmish units to a full armies it seems are teasing something new and exciting with its latest project. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch this month.
Diehard has been teasing something interesting with their latest Kickstarter, as it hints at some very old school looking but modern styling miniatures.

Now one must be honest, when one first heard about Diehard Miniatures one assumed it was another attempt to cash in on the Oldhammer Movement, as the Mission Statement

Oldhammer RebornOur aim is to give the highest quality 28mm Scale Sculpts with more than a nod to the past. We have gathered a team of oldhammer Veterans to create  an exciting and nostalgic range of figures that merge the old feel with the new look.
With your help we can bring miniatures back…

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