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Alex J Huntley of Warploque Miniatures Adds another arrow to His Bow with Model making Course

While Nottingham may be the Spiritual Home of tabletop gaming in the UK, Alex J Huntley is it seems to help to cement this image by helping put Nottingham on the map again internationally in both gaming and with his model making business by teaming up with Nottingham Trent University to develop and run an exciting model-making Courses. The course aims to teach you the skills to make dynamic figures that will stretch your creativity.

Model Sculpting Course Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm, two weeks
Indicative maximum class size: 14
Nottingham has an excellent reputation in the war game and fantasy model making industries, and at NTU we are pleased to announce a repeat of this unique two-day course for enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in this world.
Course Code; CSCFMM
Course Dates; 28th October 2017 – 4th November 2017
Course Fee; £180.00
Course Description;  Led by Alex Huntley of Warploque Miniatures, one of the UK’s most exciting model-making companies, the course will teach you t…

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